YouTuber of the Week: Vsauce


YouTube has become one of America’s favorite pastimes and Poor Scholars is here to give you a YouTube All-Star worthy of your subscription. This week, Poor Scholars’ Troy Phillips gives you his selection. 

Sometimes I’m not sure if this column lives up to our websites’ standards.  For the first three installations, my noteworthy uploader has been one of, shall we say, selective merits. Just because pranks and comedy skits control a large portion of video traffic doesn’t mean that there aren’t other successful channels out there earning their chops without a constant crusade for laughs. There had to be some YouTubers out there who were, well, more scholarly. 

In order to help lend credence to the second half of our name, I spent the last month searching far and wide, sifting through the piles of visual wreckage on the dark side of YouTube, which essentially includes everything besides comedy and music. Though my online culture seeking  journey continues, I have managed to find a gem during my early days in the form of a channel called Vsauce.

I don’t know if creator Michael Stevens intended for the name Vsauce to unlock anything about the nature of the channel to prospective viewers, but I personally had no idea what to expect when I clicked the link on my recommended channels bar. When the page loaded and I saw videos with titles such as “Should you Eat yourself?” and “Is your Red the Same as my Red?“, I began to understand some of the ‘v’s that were being blended together in order to create this delicious virtual gravy (Artie Bucco of The Sopranos would be proud).

Vexing; as I paused, pondered and rewound my way through concepts like the origin of Deja Vu.

Varying; as I browsed through Stevens’ hundreds of uploads that ranged from funny moments in video games (can’t escape comedy completely) to image compilations to optical illusions and science lessons.

Valiant; which I felt when I envisioned telling people that I spent my leisure time learning about How Much a Shadow Weighs. Yes, sometimes I am that friend. Only sometimes though, I swear.

Vsauce probably deserves many of the other remaining adjectives that begin with the letter ‘v’, because viewers will find just about everything in some area or another of Stevens’ field of content.

Now, the aforementioned “dark side of YouTube” comment may be a bit unfair considering Vsauce’s volume of subscribers, but that really stands as even more of a testament to Stevens’ ability in commanding a large audience without being categorized as a comedian or musician. Vsauce, and its’ subsidiaries Vsauce 2 and 3, allow viewers to flex their mental muscle without the rapid pace or performance expectation of a classroom setting. Sometimes it feels good to unlock one of the infinite little doors that help to explain what people tend to take for granted in everyday life. A few minutes spent watching one of Vsauce’s informational videos has to rank as one of the most efficient ways to increase one’s mental saavy. Who knew that the place to find it would be somewhere as casual and accessible as YouTube.

Other Highlights

What if Everyone JUMPED at Once?– Intriguing concept, and one that few people have likely fathomed before. Fast fact from the video; according to Stevens, everyone on earth could fit into the city of Los Angeles.

What Color is a Mirror?– I really wish I could have seen this video before a Physics class ruined it for me.

Most Recent Upload

Why Do We Wear Clothes? – Don’t be disuaded by Vsauce starting the video by stepping out of the shower.

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