Poor Scholars Friday Links


Each week, we at Poor Scholars try to bring you the best articles we can that capture the current zeitgeist while also mixing in some 90s nostalgia — and random shit. Being that we are all actually poor scholars, most of us have other obligations, mainly other jobs, that we must attend to in order to do things like pay our rent or buy groceries (it’s bullshit, I know). We are saddled with the nuisance of being productive, working members of society which at times can shift our focus away from writing for Poor Scholars. No longer will we let this atrocity stand.

In an email chain this week I was talking with Rambo and Raj about these ridiclous WWE shop items that Raj found. Had to share them.

I can’t get enough of these articles on Legends of the Hidden Temple on SB Nation. Great work, guys.

Many of the Poor Scholars staff roots for the Chicago Bears and we’re excited that we actually signed some great free agents at need positions. My good friend Ricky O’Donnell at SB Nation with a take on the Bears free agency and Cutler.

If you’re bored during a conference call, play bingo!

We learned the identity of the man that exposed the Mitt Romney “47 percent” video.

A photo of a man caught watching “adult movies” at work went viral this week in Austrailia (and eventually the world). Pretty hilarious. (Slightly NSFW)

This guy amused me in this Gears of War video.

College basketball!!!!!!!!!

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