Pope Sheed: A Pope you can trust?

Photo Credit: Bobby Bernethy/The Knicks Wall

Photo Credit: Bobby Bernethy/The Knicks Wall


Anyone that knows me well can tell you my love of Rasheed Wallace is strong. Between Sheed’s unbelievable talent and his overall goofiness, I’ve been a huge fan of Sheed’s since his days at UNC. But I gotta say, I never envisioned him as a potential candidate for Pope until now.

The “Sheed for Pope” campaign began courtesy of The Knicks Wall, where t-shirts of this incredible image are also available (click link for more details.)

The slogan, “Both teams prayed hard,” is a play on Sheed’s famous postgame press conference quip, “Both teams played hard.”

With over 300 technical fouls to his name, an all-time NBA record, Sheed is certainly one to stand his ground on his beliefs, a positive attribute for a new Pope.

Sheed is also willing to banter with anybody but is still respectful enough to leave family out of the equation.

But there’s one major problem with Sheed for Pope: he’s Muslim.

While Poor Scholars loves all creatures, unfortunately Sheed just doesn’t look like the right candidate to be the new Pope.

Sorry, Sheed.

Religion don’t lie.

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2 thoughts on “Pope Sheed: A Pope you can trust?

  1. Ricky says:

    Guess ‘Sheed will have to settle for being the next presiden. #sheed4prez

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