Basebrawl is back: America’s little bros duke it out

Photo Credit: Christian Peterson/Getty Images

Photo Credit: Christian Peterson/Getty Images


I don’t know many people that are following the World Baseball Classic. It could be because the telecasts are exclusively on MLB Network, or the WBC is lacking all of the major necessary stars to rope the casual fan into a baseball tournament that occurs outside of baseball’s regular season and in the midst of March Madness and the regular seasons of the NBA and NHL.

But if the World Baseball Classic had more brawls like the one between America’s little brothers, Canada and Mexico, I would surely tune in.

From ESPN:

Multiple fights erupted after Canada’s Rene Tosoni was hit in the back by a pitch from Arnold Leon with the score 9-3 at Chase Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks. It quickly turned into a wild scene, as chaotic as any on a major league field in recent years.

Even when the fisticuffs ended, Canadian pitching coach Denis Boucher was hit in the face by a full water bottle thrown from the crowd. Canada shortstop Cale Iorg angrily threw the bottle back into the crowd.

Several police officers came onto the field trying to restore order, and there were a few skirmishes in the decidedly pro-Mexico crowd of 19,581. Seven players were ejected after umpires huddled, trying to sort out the frenzy.

Canadian first base coach Larry Walker, a former NL MVP, said he held back Mexico star Adrian Gonzalez during the altercation. The solidly built Walker also tried to restrain Aceves.

“I had a hold of him and I thought I saw Satan in his eyes,” Walker said.

Despite the ugly incident, World Baseball Classic, Inc., the event’s governing body, issued a statement condeming the fight while failing to discipline any players or the teams.

The Larry Walker quote is just fantastic. I hadn’t thought about Walker in years, but now I’m glad he’s back in the spotlight — even for a moment. Also hilarious that nobody was suspended for one of the worst basebrawls of the last decade. I get that both teams were potentially going to be eliminated shortly, but it’s still insane that no punishments were handed out for this behavior.

Oh well, America eliminated our little bro Canada last night anyways.

Wake us up when the real season begins.


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