Previewing ‘The Hangover Part III’

hangoverpart3BY RAMBO NOMOLOS

Yesterday, the trailer for The Hangover Part III was released to the public. We all knew that Todd Phillips and the rest of the gang were coming back for another money grab sequel, but this kind of snuck up on me. I had no idea it was coming out any time soon.

The uproariously funny movie The Hangover hit the big screen in 2009 and reeled in an astounding $467 million worldwide (an unfathomable figure for an R rated comedy).

Back in 2009 I was asked to do a favor for a friend. Our student newspaper had two press passes to the Chicago opening of The Hangover and no one wanted to cover it. Gladly I accepted the task as it seemed I was one of the few people who actually wanted to go see this movie. The one caveat was that I had to write a review of the movie and then head to Trump Towers the next day to interview Bradley Cooper (I had no idea who he was at the time but for some reason people thought this was an unenviable task and I bet a lot of people regret turning this down now).

**Quick Tangent. My roommate and I were told that we would be meeting Bradley Cooper at a roundtable with students from other college newspapers, so naturally we figured we’d each get to ask him one or two questions. When we arrived we realized that we were the only ones there as his rep told us we would be meeting Mr. Cooper in his room and given about 15 minutes to ask him anything we wanted. Obviously we hadn’t written down any questions and were quite ill prepared. What transpired next had to be the most unprofessional interview ever given. At one point of our interview, and really it more closely resembled a conversation you would have with someone at a bar, I asked Bradley Cooper if he would help us solve a debate that had been raging for years within my group of friends: If given the choice would you rather let Mike Tyson punch you in the face or take a gunshot to the leg?  Bradley Cooper actually knew Mike Tyson so he seemed like an expert in the field and with his answer the debate had ended: “You would definitely rather take a gunshot to the leg.”**

The success of the first movie eventually led us to the ill-fated and misconceived sequel. This is not to say that The Hangover Part II didn’t have its moments. From what I remember of it, and it isn’t all that much, I found it somewhat amusing. The problem with the sequel was that it was basically the exact same plot and jokes rehashed in a different location with the variables slightly changed.

In this era of Hollywood, if you have a sequel it probably means there is going to be a third installment in your franchise as everything has been trending towards trilogies. This leads us to the trailer for The Hangover Part III that was released yesterday:

The trailer opens at what appears to be the funeral of Alan’s father Sid (played by Jeffrey Tambor) and quickly flashes to a shot of Las Vegas. Having the last installment of the franchise set in Vegas is a good thing as Poor Scholars’ Scott Phillips notes, “I’m hoping the Hangover trilogy follows the Ocean’s trilogy: sick first movie in Vegas, shitty sequel overseas and surprising conclusion back in Vegas.”

Aside from being set in Las Vegas, the trailer doesn’t allude much to what is going on with the plot of the movie. Justin Bartha’s character, Doug, is notably absent from the trailer which means they probably aren’t straying too far from the plot of the original two movies. This would actually be quite disappointing to say the least. From a quick glance at its IMDB page, it seems that anyone who has been in either of the two movies is returning for the final chapter.

The only other things that can be said about this is that they appear to be in some kind of Mexican prison at one point, they may be encountering some trouble with a cartel, and that Alan buys a giraffe. The giraffe doesn’t look like it’s long for this world though.

I will definitely go see this movie, but as I’m sure is true with many people, I will be watching it with tepid expectations at best.

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