Eddie Murphy joins ‘Twins’ sequel

Photo Credit: Radio Times

Photo Credit: Radio Times


On Friday, Poor Scholars will occasionally run a feature we call, “Unlikely Movie Sequels” where we concoct the storyline for a movie sequel that will (likely) never be made. But while going over ideas for this week’s column, I stumbled upon some news that trumps our silly little column: Eddie Murphy appears to be joining the cast of a Twins sequel.

The news of Eddie potentially joining the cast — courtesy of Danny Devito via Radio Times —  leaves America asking one question: Is this movie going to be completely awful or is there a glimmer of hope that these three titans of 80s cinema have a good film in them.

From Devito:

Asked about Hollywood rumours of Murphy’s involvement, Devito confirmed, “Arnold and I recently had dinner with Eddie Murphy and we all got along great so I think it will definitely happen with the three of us. Universal have taken the reins so it’s their movie. Whether it’s called Twins 2 or Triplets hasn’t been decided yet but I’d be up for doing it in a heartbeat. But I’m just so busy right now, I can’t say when.”

I don’t have very high hopes for this movie being good. Devito is still knocking it out of the park on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia but Arnold Schwarzenegger just started making movies again and Eddie Murphy has been truly dreadful for more than a decade. Maybe being around Arnold and Devito and seeing their chemistry will revert Eddie back to 1989 and this will be decent.


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One thought on “Eddie Murphy joins ‘Twins’ sequel

  1. You should definitely have high hopes for this movie. I have no reservations thinking that this could be one of the greatest movies ever made.

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