Exploring a Poor Scholar’s DVR: Scott


The next few weeks the Poor Scholars staff is going over their individual DVR habits for each other (and all of you) to ridicule. This week, Poor Scholars’ Scott Phillips breaks down his DVR habits.

Last week, in our weekly series exploring the DVR habits of our staff at Poor Scholars, Chucks wrote about an astounding 49 television shows that he regularly records on his DVR.


I watch a fair amount of television shows like many Americans, but Chucks is a scientist and watches 49 shows!? Chucks, when do you sleep? Is this the reason you once put on Jeremih and 50 Cent’s “Down On Me” four months after it was released and excitedly told the party, “Hey, have you guys heard the new 50 Cent song?”

Anyways, here’s the list of shows I record along with some comments. Feel free to ridicule me in the comments below.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Charlie Kelly is the only reason I watch every episode, but every season has two or three great episodes still in it. Remarkable that this show will hit 100 episodes next season.

The League – Season four was dreadfully bad. You can’t coast off of cameos from NFL players forever, guys.

Archer – Poor Scholars‘ Alex Russell summed up everything you need to know about Archer in this article we posted a few weeks back.

Delocated – The series finale is tonight! One of my favorite television shows of all-time. Adult Swim’s shows aren’t for everyone, but I love everything about Delocated.

Childrens Hospital – Another phenomenal show on Adult Swim. Satire of hospital dramas like Grey’s Anatomy with an incredible cast.

Modern Family – I just got into this show and I’m playing catch-up. Phil Dunphy kills me (he’s like Michael Scott would be as a father) and the child actors are all surprisingly good in their roles.

Homeland – Season two just got to be completely ridiculous.

Shameless – Why more people don’t watch this show is beyond me. William H. Macy plays a drunk loser that repeatedly scams the government to get money to get more alcohol. Only problem: he’s a single Dad with six kids, five of which are still in school. And it’s filmed and set in Chicago!

Enlightened – I really don’t know why I keep watching this show. It’s decent enough, I guess, and Mike White is a good writer, I’m just getting bored with it.

Girls – See above comments about Enlightened, but substitute “Mike White” for “Lena Dunham” and “bored with it” to “tired of it.”

The Newsroom – I’m a sucker for Sorkin. I know, I know, he’s not for everybody and I hear all of your criticisms loud and clear. However, I happen to like TV shows about TV shows and Olivia Munn.

Game of Thrones – I’m fired up for season three!

Buckwild – I like MTV reality shows, and I like Buckwild. Sue me.

The Walking Dead – I was late to the party on this show. I still don’t understand why people lose their shit over this show while ignoring other, superior shows.

Breaking Bad – Whenever Walter White says, “let’s cook” in his gritty and determined tone, I get instantly motivated to conquer whatever challenge stands before me. I’m not sure why a bald man from New Mexico with cancer cooking meth motivates me, but it shows how good Bryan Cranston is on the show.

Mad Men – Don Draper is a G. Roger Sterling is an OG. Also, the next girl I date needs to be able to speak French and perform “Zou Bisou Bisou” like Megan Draper in the season five premiere.

Workaholics – I’ve been a fan of these dudes since their Mail Order Comedy videos on YouTube while I was in college. They make 90s jokes and talk about shit me and my friends talk about.

True Life – I laugh at most of these True Life shows. They make me feel better about myself.

Next week, Poor Scholars will explore the DVR of Brian Godar.

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