Urban Dictionary Words of the Week

urbandictionaryBY TROY PHILLIPS

When not doing his YouTuber of the Week segment, Poor Scholars’ Troy Phillips sorts through the creative, the weird and the disturbing to find his favorite words of the week from Urban Dictionary.  After making repeated use of the “random” button to sort through potential candidates, here are Troy’s discoveries for this week.

Here we are, one week removed from the first edition of my first words of the week segment. With such a longstanding history, my editors had no choice but to give the honorary green light to another go around. Let’s take a look at what I unearthed this week as I scoured all corners of the Urbanverse in search of tomorrow’s trending terms.

Word 1: Humble Brag

By: drjeffreys

Definition: When you, usually consciously, try to get away with bragging about yourself by couching it in a phony show of humility.

Examples: “Your inflatable inner-tube is way cooler than my 80-foot yacht. You get to be so much closer to the water and to nature. I envy you, I really do” 

“Thanks, that means a lot. Another advantage of having an innertube is that I don’t have to fucking humble brag all the time about having a yacht.”

Comment:  I’m pretty sure that this word has already started circulating in some circles. Humble braggarts are the worst sort; too afraid to out and out show their true colors, but too conceded not to revel in their own accomplishments.

Word 2: Obamination

By: John X. Tampa

Definition: The disastrous result of doing or following the speakings of a smooth talker.

Examples:“This whole-life insurance policy has turned into an obamination.” 

“That swamp land I bought is an obamination”

Comment: Not to say that I’m an Obama basher, but the man has so much slang associated with his name that he might be able to go into business selling custom dictionaries at the end of this term. Just another creative pun in a long line of Barack-related phrases.

Word 3: Ps3 vs. Xbox 360

By:  Whiteboy with Flavour

Definition: The Crips vs. the Bloods of gamers. While we’re fighting a war over in Iraq and Afghanistan, at home we are screaming and yelling at each other because 360 has more games but Ps3 has Blue-ray.

Examples: Ps3 fanboy1: That fuck over there thinks 360 is da bomb, we should go whup his ass. 
Ps3 fanboy2: Shh I’m busy watching transformers on Blue-ray! 
360 fanboy1: Stupid fucking ps3 fagboys think that Halo sucks the sack, wanna go take a bat to their skulls? 
360 fanboy2: Dude shut your trap, I’m about to beat N00bZbOi11234666 on Team Snipers and level up!

Comment: It’s gone out of vogue a bit now that both systems have been in circulation for several years, but this still has to go down as one of the most pointless and heated debates in 2000s pop culture. If you haven’t been told that PS3 players don’t pay for internet or that downloadable content often gets released earlier for 360, then you just aren’t getting the full experience under the Stars and Stripes.

Word 4: ihead

By:  Resident Of Earth

Definition: An individual whose cranium is consistently focused in the direction of hand-held electronic devices on their person and oblivious to what is going on around them.

Examples: WHOoOA! OUCH!….Did you see that? That ihead just strolled across without waiting for the walk signal. Never even saw the bus coming.

Comment: Don’t even get me started on people who can’t turn their heads away from phones. Honestly, the example situation isn’t that far-fetched if applied to some of the more devoted cell phone users that I know.

Word 5: 80k a year millionaire

By: HedgeFundGenius

Definition: Someone who thinks making 80k a year puts them in the ranks of CEO’s and Rockefeller. Usually seen driving a leased low-end, German model car, and living in a mortgaged out, 300-450k semi-custom tract home in a master planned suburb.

Examples: The Woodlands is full of 80k a year millionaires.

Comment: Remember Kevin James’ character in Grown UpsThis isn’t the time to lose faith in me for watching (and enjoying) that movie; one of the characters definitely belongs under this definition. I’ve already begun rifling through my list of friends in my head to figure out who is most likely to head towards the of insecurity financial mediocrity.  Ahh, the impending  joys of middle age.

Disclaimer: Use the “random” button on Urban Dictionary with caution. For every amusing definition like those above, there were five disturbing phrases and five commonplace words that took time and innocence which I will never get back. Thank you and enjoy your Wednesday.

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