In Case You Missed It: Comedian Pete Holmes


Anyone can read a Wikipedia page. Every Wednesday in “In Case You Missed It” Poor Scholars’ Alex Russell hopes to put in context something in the world of comedy for non comedy-nerds. This week we look at Pete Holmes, who is about to star in his own late-night talk show that will follow Conan.

You probably are familiar with…

Pete writes and stars in the E-Trade commercials as the E-Trade baby. You probably wouldn’t recognize the voice immediately, though, because he plays the commercials pretty low-key. His act is a lot louder, bigger, and whatever the combination of louder and bigger is. Blougger?

You might also know…

His 2011 album Impregnated With Wonder made a ton of year-end lists. It’s excellent, and it’s five bucks on Amazon right now. Even if you’re skeptical, throw down the buck for “Really? / ‘Must Be Free.’” If you hate it, I will PayPal you $1. (I will not PayPal you $1).

His podcast “You Made It Weird” on the Nerdist network can be a bit unruly at upwards of two hours an episode, but it’s can’t-miss radio for recent episodes featuring Aziz Ansari and Joel McHale talking about their sex lives, religious views, and other topics far more personal than your average chat show.

You should go check out…

His short films, especially the one that pops up first, “Accigone” which is a joke ruined by explaining it. It’s important to separate him from the E-Trade stuff. He’s seemingly prepared to defend his choice as a commercial actor, but it’s good that he has the film work to back it up.

Pete Holmes Bombing; a video he made of a set he had opening in Peoria for Bill Burr that didn’t go very well, to say the least. He dissects his own failure, and it’s great both to learn from it and to watch the sheer destruction of the worst set possible.

His Twitter; which is not to be confused with @peteholmes, who is an organic gardener. It’s almost all puns and fake fights with Marc Maron. Recent example: “Mormon comedians do cele-bits.”

Why does this matter?

His new special debuts soon (the most recent title he’s mentioned is Nice Try, The Devil) and he’ll be the host of the tentatively-named The Midnight Show after Conan on TBS. Get in on the guy who calls himself “a lesbian Val Kilmer look-alike.”

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