Great YouTube Discoveries: BestWerldRecords


Sometimes, the Poor Scholars staff stumbles  upon a YouTube video or channel that needs to be shared with our readers immediately. Today, Poor Scholars’ Alex Russell explores the YouTube channel: BestWerldRecords.

I’ll be brief: the YouTube channel “BestWerldRecords” only has six videos, but they are all required viewing.

The “about” section on their profile lists this channel as “My greatest feats.” It’s (as of now) six attempts to set world records in events like “Most Chip Packets Opened” or “Fastest Guitar Picking.”

Give 11 seconds of your day to “Most Cans Opened in 3 Seconds” and see if you can possibly beat their record. I submit that you cannot. The set up is perfect. He’s clearly ready to go. Listen to that panting? That’s a champion at work, friends. See for yourself:

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