Is the death of the ‘Harlem Shake’ coming?


Thankfully, the “Harlem Shake” seems to be dying a slow death. It was fun for a while, and a completely genius meme formula, but after every student section, sports team, and office in America replicated the 30-second viral dance craze, it just got to be too much, too fast.

As advertisers quickly jump on the craze as Business Insider notes, America doesn’t seem very interested in the “branded” versions of the “Harlem Shake.”

About 60 ad agencies have made Harlem Shake videos, yet only one branded Harlem Shake video cracked the top 200 most-shared videos on the web, according to Unruly Media, which tracks viral video.

The Harlem Shake, it seems, is an advertising trend where supply far outstrips demand.

There are plenty of hilarious versions of the “Harlem Shake” — and plenty of websites if you’re still into that sort of thing. And if you are: Cool. Poor Scholars is not trying to rain on the parade of Internet fun like many others do and we’re happy that people like the Norweigan army can take breaks from watching over fjords to do a silly, costumed dance.

But, since the “Harlem Shake” is seemingly on its last legs, we thought we’d post an original take we were amused with: “Never do the ‘Harlem Shake’ in Harlem.”


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