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Each week, we at Poor Scholars try to bring you the best articles we can that capture the current zeitgeist while also mixing in some 90s nostalgia — and random shit. Being that we are all actually poor scholars, most of us have other obligations, mainly other jobs, that we must attend to in order to do things like pay our rent or buy groceries (it’s bullshit, I know). We are saddled with the nuisance of being productive, working members of society which at times can shift our focus away from writing for Poor Scholars. No longer will we let this atrocity stand.

With masters degrees in dominating the interwebs, Scott Phillips and I routinely stumble upon Internet greatness that should be shared with the world. However, with our other “obligations” we are not always able to write about everything we find during the week. In an attempt to share as much possible with our readers, every Friday we are going to give you a rundown of things we enjoyed on the Internet this week but didn’t have time to write about.


  • AC Milan striker, Mario Balotelli, has reportedly commissioned a life-size bronze statue of himself for his home in Brescia. Of course the only logical pose would be his celebration after scoring against Germany in the Euro 2012 semifinal. It is only a matter of time before Dos Equis fires that imposter they have acting as “the most interesting man in the world.” Have they ever read about any of Balotelli’s antics? Surely an offer is coming soon.
  • Most of the world is growing to hate the Harlem Shake phenomenon. That didn’t stop English Premier League side Fulham FC from joining the party about two weeks late. Fortunately for us, Dimitar Berbatov plies his craft for Fulham now and he really wants us to keep calm and do the Harlem Shake. His stoic pose in the forefront of this video is the stuff of legends.
  • It didn’t stop the Miami Heat either.
  • Trinidad James’ All Gold Everything is intoxicating. From the gold all in his chains to the gold all in his rings, James is almost certainly setting the black culture back 20 years. I still can’t stop listening to or watching the video.
  • Did you know that this week marked the 25th anniversary of Jean Claude Van Damme’s greatest movie? That’s right, it’s been 25 years since Bloodsport round-house kicked its way onto the big screen and into our hearts (in an age of Hollywood remakes, how is a remake of this movie not in production already). While consuming everything Bloodsport in an attempt to celebrate its greatness, I learned of a great injustice. Frank Dux, Full Contact Kumite Heavy Weight Champion and the inspiration for Bloodsport, apparently made the whole thing up.
  • Not much needs to be prefaced when talking about this awesome site.
  • Trolling Taylor Swift is so awesome. This too.
  • We know that the economy is still in the tank and there is a lot of distrust in the Government during these trying times, but seriously America come on. Nickleback is more popular than Congress?
  • Friend of Poor Scholars Michael Yonk was on WGN News to promote the Polar Plunge and his team, Team Liquid Courage, to raise money for the Special Olympics.


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