Name says it all for ‘Kick Ass’ sequel


So, apparently there was enough budget and demand to create a second installation in what is now the Kick Ass series. Despite being amused by the first movie, I didn’t think it had nearly enough punch for a second edition, yet here we sit with the release of the second movie looming less than four months away.

On June 28th, legions of Kick Ass (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), Red Mist (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) and Hitgirl (Chloe Grace Moretz) die-hards will descend upon their local cinemas to see how their favorite average-Joe-turned-superheroes fare after the first film. Word from IMDB is that Kick Ass assembles a group of hero/citizens to help him enforce order, which will include Jim Carrey (Colonel Stars and Stripes).  One can only assume that Red Mist, or Chris D’Amico as he is known to friends and family, will be assembling a similar, more bad ass crew as well.

The layout should be similar to that of the first movie, which employed a lighthearted and decently humerous first two acts followed by a couple of unexpectedly tense action and dialogue sequences that added a bit of depth to wrap up the story.  The potential for a marked difference from the first film will come in the ending, where creator Mark Millar may choose to bring the series to a head after two films instead of walking away on the blind hope that a third movie can be produced and then succeed at the box office.

You may notice that I’m referring to the series with the assumption of Kick Ass 2 being a large draw for audiences. I’ve adopted such an attitude because, frankly, there is very little opportunity for the sequel to face plant after the original movie was so well received despite all of the problems it faced during the production process. The original Kick Ass faced just about every issue imaginable during development. At various points, Millar had to overcome challenges with funding, ethics, studio support and adaptation from the story’s original comic book format. There was also a significant chunk of profits taken out of Millar’s pocket after the movie became the second most pirated release of 2010 and developed a good portion of its’ dedicated following after the DVD and Netflix release. This last fact is hard to corroborate, but after reading this sentiment I thought through all of the confirmed Kick Ass fans I know, and the definitive majority experienced the film via Netflix or a premium movie channel.

The trend is not uncommon among black comedies, renowned to be a very hit or miss genre that can leave prospective fans hesitant and content to wait for a more cost effective viewing opportunity. Now, after three years of buildup, previously wary patrons should flock to ticket booths knowing that their ten dollars will be well spent (or at least as close to well spent as you can get when paying ten dollars for a movie).  With the retention of a respectable cast and added experience, Kick Ass 2 has nowhere to go but up this summer, and that’s up from a 76% Rotten Tomatoes rating and $48 million grossed at the box office. I could end with a half-assed pun here, but then I wouldn’t be doing both movies justice (I’m proud of that one). So I’ll be more direct; if you’re looking for a few hours of entertainment this summer, there are worse ways to spend your time than kicking back to watch Kick Ass 2.

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