Vince Carter dunks still turn grown men into children


Over the weekend I got together with some sports journalism colleagues to have some beers and catch up. We talked about old newsroom war stories and current sports and pop culture affairs. When the topic turned to the weekend’s activities my buddy Ricky mentioned that the previous night he and his friends had watched the Vince Carter top 100 dunks video on YouTube. Twice.

Instantly, the group of five was interested in seeing VC go nuts and we threw the YouTube video on my TV.

The video (see below) is magnificent. The dunks — in-game dunks!!!!! — are from games across all levels: NBA, college, high school, charity games, and even playing for Team U.S.A. in the Olympics. At all levels, Vince Carter’s ability to dunk a basketball cleanly and with raw power is completely fucking unbelievable.

The group was instantly going berserk and eliciting hoots and hollers for nearly every dunk that VC threw down. Carter’s ability to windmill, his signature dunk, through traffic and around contact with such power is matched only by Dominique Wilkins, but Dominique didn’t have the smoothness that VC has. VC is such a natural.

After the first top 100, we moved onto a second top 100, and couldn’t stop talking about how awesome his dunks were.

Just watch that video and see what I mean.



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One thought on “Vince Carter dunks still turn grown men into children

  1. maxdaniel says:

    His oops were so huge!

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