Kyrie Irving: Time killer for the basketball junkie

kyrie irvingBY DANNY HAZAN

I am genuinely concerned for the well-being of the man behind the GetBangedOn YouTube/Twitter account. His channel was one of my favorites as he uploaded clips of nasty posterizing dunks from college and NBA as they happened each night. But he stopped uploading videos or sending out tweets some time in December, so I hope he is okay and it’s a case of him just moving on and doing something else with his time.

I just subscribed to another YouTube channel – NBAClutchtime.  This dude spliced together highlights (10 minute videos) of several NBA stars and is a must follow for any hoop head who finds themselves killing boredom on YouTube searching highlight videos.

(Editor’s note: LamarMatic is another great page for hoop heads. Wanna see Bryant “Big Country” Reeves drop 31 and 12 with four dimes? Of course you do. I love the Internet!)

I’ve been a League Pass subscriber since 2003, and there are a handful of players I am drawn to watching each season. LeBron and KD are undoubtedly the most talented in the game. Sure Kobe should be in the conversation, but his attitude on the court and overall demeanor just doesn’t do it for me so I’ve never really been drawn to watching him play on a random regular season night.

Tuning into Heat and Thunder games on League Pass is pretty rare for me, though. I have a full-time job, and work many evenings and nights, so it’s rare I can take full advantage of it by watching from 6 p.m. all the way through close to midnight. So I have to pick and choose who I DVR, or watch when I get home and I’ve seen plenty of LeBron and Durant.

Luckily games are archived for a day on the broadband feature that comes with the cable TV subscription, so if there is a game I really wanted to see but didn’t DVR I can access it that way.

Typically, I only DVR Jazz games (although I haven’t in a few weeks since Hayward has been out), Blazers games (Lillard) and Cavs games (Irving).

Derrick Rose is by far my favorite player to watch, and really the only one I’m emotionally invested to in terms of being happy when he excels and disappointed when he loses. Since he’s been out, Kyrie Irving has rapidly ascended up the ranks of players I enjoy watching to number 2. I never saw him in high school, and he barely played at Duke. I didn’t even see much of him last year despite hearing some great things.

If you are a basketball junkie like myself and haven’t been exposed to Irving that much, I put my credibility on the line with him in that you will fall in love with his game. The Cavs aren’t on national TV much because they don’t win games (which could be a knock on Kyrie, but I say F-You, he’s only 20).  He also has taken heat for being a poor defender, but give the kid a break, the NBA is world-class and he barely had any experience playing against college competition — let alone pros. He’s also still developing physically. If he still sucks as a defender in three or four years, that’s what will hold him back from being considered an All-Time great. No hyperbole.

He doesn’t possess freak-of-nature athleticism, but his offensive skill is most definitely freak-of-nature status.

I know there are plenty of casual NBA fans outside of Cleveland who know Irving is an All-Star, and have seen his numbers but they probably don’t really know what he can do. He is unique in his style, and any previous player comparison you’ve heard is hogwash in my book because there is no one like him given his size and skill set.

Thanks to the NBAClutchtime YouTube channel, here is 30 minutes for you to see what this MF can do with the rock in his hands.

Give the channel a subscription – there is also excellent D-Rose footage for those who need their fix of the MVP.

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