Bill Simmons and Antoine Walker obviously listen to the Poor Scholars Podcast


Scott and I have already captured the hearts and minds of America via our podcasts. It was merely confirmed this week as Bill Simmons hosted a number of former and current NBA stars on his Grantland Podcast from Houston, Texas.

Simmons sat down with Antoine Walker and they spoke about the secret workouts leading up to Michael Jordan’s comeback to the Wizards. Scott and I touched on this in our podcast on Friday, saying how arranging these workouts with present-day NBA stars would be impossible to do in secrecy like he did.

Anyways, this is probably our last Jordan-related piece for the site for a little while. Now ESPN can suspend the week long birthday celebration for 10 years,  go back to knocking him as an owner and we can all reminisce pleasantly on his playing days when he turns 60.

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