YouTuber of the Week: TheFineBros


YouTube has become one of America’s favorite pastimes and Poor Scholars is here to give you a YouTube All-Star worthy of your subscription. This week, Poor Scholars’ Troy Phillips gives you his selection.

Hope you’re happy to handle a heaping helping of hilarious hyperlinks. Yeah, I figure you’ve guessed my YouTuber of the Week by now, that was too easy.

Well, hopefully you had no idea what I was talking about, because that little alliteration had almost nothing to do with the article, and absolutely nothing to do with this week’s YouTuber: The Fine Bros. I just feel like I insert 500 hyperlinks into each of these articles, so I thought that I’d point that out. Am I saying that I’m going to change the way I format these segments? Definitely not, but sometimes writing makes you paranoid about the random little things that other people don’t even notice and you need some rhythmic phrasing to put your mind at ease. Now, just give me a minute to take off my tin foil hat and let’s get into it.

Yes, the Fine Brothers are a pair of siblings, and actually their backbone concept isn’t much more surprising. Now this is not to say that their content isn’t entertaining or original, but I can’t help but feel that they represent a classic case of capitalizing on an idea that should have been right under people’s noses since the invention of YouTube. Many people have filmed reaction videos on an isolated basis, but the Fine Bros have become the most effective producers of reaction clips that involve children, teens, and seniors, and they have almost 560 million total views to show for it.

Like I said, the concept doesn’t catch the eye, but the content is as original as it gets since the reactions are all completely candid. A group of Seniors, for instance, were brought together without any knowledge of the topic at hand until a video of the Brazillian Elevator Prank was played from a nearby laptop. The rest was spur of the moment magic that didn’t call for time-consuming scripting, acting or other elements of traditional skit production. The Fines simply display the topic at hand, ask a few questions to facilitate conversation and keep the camera rolling through the whole process.

Now I am only referring to the reaction videos, and although it comprises the vast majority of the Fine Brothers’ content, they do make other videos that receive a decent amount of virtual patronage. Frankly, I don’t want to ruin my opinion of the channel with the kind of amateur hour comedy sketches that are often posted by successful YouTubers who want to expand their image. If their first video or the original installment of their Lost Parody series are any indication, then my suspicions are warranted. I’ll stick with old people reacting to “Jersey Shore“, thank you very much.

The Fine Brothers’ methods are simple and brilliant. My hat is off to them for continuing to reinforce their foundation with a constant stream of the entertaining reaction videos that helped make the channel what it is today. As long as pop culture continues to be inane and confusing, TheFineBros and their army of discussion mates have my subscription.

Most Recent Upload –

Kids React to Eagle Snatches Kid– Morgan, listed at 8 years old, seems to have less of a grasp of the situation than some children who are literally half her age. Makes for some hilarious moments however.

Other Highlights –

Teens React To Bullying– A serious video on bullying, it’s cool to see that the Fine Brothers aren’t afraid to tackle poignant, serious issues when necessary.

Kids React to the Duck Song– I don’t care what anyone says; the duck song is a classic.

Elders React to Twilight– Turns out that crappy film making transcends multiple generations. I’ve never seen someone as furious about Twilight as the guy at 1:52, a classic reaction in multiple senses of the word.

What do you think?

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