National Signing Day quick hitters

This set of eyes signed the No. 1 recruiting class in the country.Photo credit:

This set of eyes signed the No. 2 recruiting class in the country.
Photo credit:


After an hour of ESPNU’s coverage of National Signing Day I feel like I need a shower.

It’s like that feeling after you eat McDonalds or smoke a pack of cigarettes.

Watching the signing day ceremonies generally makes for enough awkward and cringe-worthy moments that I just find myself staring with open-mouthed awe at the TV or making a face like I’m bracing for impact. It’s that bad and I watch ever year. I love college football too much even though it is a business where everyone gets paid handsomely except for the people who take all of the physical risk and do all of the actual work. But besides that, it’s cool.

The story is generally the same every year. Same schools reload. Steve Spurrier said it best when he pointed out that in the NFL the best team gets the last pick in the draft. In college they get the first pick.

Due to the fact that I have 90 things to say about this, I’m just going to hit you with some of my favorite notes and stories of the day.

1. Gene Chizik’s tie on ESPNU is magnificent. (See below)

Fashion icon Gene ChizikPhoto credit: Pat Flynn

Fashion icon Gene Chizik
Photo credit: Pat Flynn

2. The ESPN SEC bias is hilarious. Eamon McAnaney just asked Clemson coach Dabo Swinney how he was able to nail down one of the nation’s top corners, Mackensie Alexander, when the kid had “legitimate SEC offers?” Dabo did his best not to preface it with a “fuck you,” and he didn’t mention that his team beat LSU and Auburn last season. Just a ridiculous question that a lot of coaches at great non-SEC programs have faced at some point or another.

3. Michigan signed a defensive end whose first name is Taco.

4. Alex Collins, an Arkansas commit heading into signing day, could not sign his letter of intent at the time he was supposed to due to the fact that his mother took off with his paperwork. It wasn’t a simple mix up. She didn’t want him going to Fayetteville, Ark. for school and wanted him to stay home and play for the hometown Miami Hurricanes. He stayed committed to Arkansas citing his desire to play for a “good football team.” (I may or may not have made up that last quote).

5. According to, Ole Miss signed the No. 7 ranked recruiting class. The Rebels inked three five-star players, including the unanimous No. 1 player in the country, Robert Nkemdiche. The top-ranked defensive end from Georgia will be joined in Oxford with fellow five stars Laquon Treadwell (No. 1 WR) and Laremy Tunsil (No. 1 OT). Nine four stars were inked by Hugh Freeze and his staff as well. Freeze defied anyone to report of any improper recruiting tactics used by Ole Miss. Hahaha….that’s not gonna backfire.

6. Here is a check list for anyone that follows and tweets at recruits: 1. It’s time for some self-evaluation. 2. Go fuck yourself.

7. Florida took care of business, inking the No. 2 class in the country according to ESPN. Will Muschamp, you know, that ball of intensity at the top of the post, had a cool quote. “This coaching stuff’s way overrated. It’s about players.” We always make it about coaches, because we’re stupid. It comes down to the athletes.

3 thoughts on “National Signing Day quick hitters

  1. Alex Russell says:

    ESPN’s bias is assuredly to blame for the way they say it and I may be from SEC country, but I speak for America when I ask that you not include 2012-2013 Auburn as an example of “the SEC.”

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