Great YouTube Discoveries: Sex Offender Shuffle

sex-offender-shuffleBY RAMBO NOMOLOS

Writing for Poor Scholars, I feel it is my civil duty to share with you my monumental Internet discoveries.

This morning while mourning the loss of football season and yet another lost Chicago Bears season filled with high expectations and inept offensive performances, I stumbled upon something truly great. Almost instinctively I went to YouTube in an effort to cheer myself up by watching The Super Bowl Shuffle for the 10 millionth time. Reliving the glory days of the magical 1985 Bears season is the only thing that eases the pain after another Bears-less Super Bowl.

(The night before Super Bowl XLI my friends and I watched my DVD copy of The Super Bowl Shuffle on repeat for almost 5 hours to get pumped up for the game. Yes, alcohol was involved)

While searching for a high quality version of said Shuffle, I came across a shuffle of a different variety: The Sex Offender Shuffle. While not quite as magnificent as the original, it is still truly revolutionary.

Please enjoy. Oh, and you are welcome.

Sam Pound’s criminal offense has now been elevated to one of the World’s great mysteries. If you have any ideas, leave us a comment.

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2 thoughts on “Great YouTube Discoveries: Sex Offender Shuffle

  1. Alex Russell says:

    Telly Polk got a raw deal.

  2. HAHA definitely got a RAW deal

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