One-hit wonder extended catalog: Snow


Each week, Poor Scholars digs a little bit deeper into the catalog of an infamous “one-hit wonder” by listening to their other “top hits” on Spotify to explore what exactly went wrong. This week, Poor Scholars’ Scott Phillips breaks down the other songs of Snow.

The One Hit

Canadian reggae artist Snow reached No. 1 in 1993 behind the MC Shan produced “Informer.” The song stayed at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 seven consecutive weeks (!!!) before “Freak Me” took it down. Snow went to prison right after recording “Informer” in 1992 and the song became a hit after his release in ’93. Snow makes light of his incarceration in the official music video for “Informer”, and judging by his glasses and also being a white reggae artist from Canada, he was almost definitely somebody’s bitch in prison. While I hope his debut album 12 Inches of Snow isn’t a reference to his prison boyfriend, Snow did reach platinum status with the album in the U.S. I’d make more jokes about Snow, but Jim Carrey — in his prime — DESTROYED Snow on In Living Color and there just isn’t much more to say. 

The Other “Top Hits” on Spotify

Lady With the Red Dress” – Classic early 90’s synth intro before the beat kicks in; typical Snow. I gotta say though, this song isn’t half-bad compared to some of the other songs I’ve had to listen to for this weekly column. The hook is catchy but Snow’s voice just gets annoying after a while.

Lonely Monday Morning” – Snow once again plays up his incarceration during this music video and by this point I’m starting to believe that he purposely went to prison to help his image. I understand that Snow enjoys reggae because he had Jamaican neighbors (oh, sorry, “neighbours”; fucking Canada) but when it’s hard not to listen to this incredibly mediocre reggae tracks and remember that Snow is a white guy from Canada.

Girl I’ve Been Hurt” – One of the best unintentionally funny music videos I’ve ever seen. Snow and his DJ start off in a snow-covered mountain valley as a turntable is spinning and four beautiful women in fur bikinis and fur coats dance around. It then cuts to a party outside of a secluded cabin as Snow approaches a woman, and some dude does a slo-mo front flip into some snow. Then the video goes Blair Witch on us, and Snow and some other people are partying in the woods at night with some terrible lighting being flashed on them. The song is at least listenable, I guess. My ears didn’t bleed and I laughed a lot at the video.

The Verdict

I just can’t get over Snow being a white dude from Canada that tries to do reggae. I respect Snow for doing what he loves, and he’s still working and releasing material, but I just can’t shake those hang-ups. If Snow’s career and songs are a giant metaphor for some kind of cocaine addiction then I might respect him a bit for playing a trick on the public.


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