The most ridiculous movie title ever?


From time to time a movie title comes out that makes me shake my head. There are enough bad movies out there to begin with, but when perusing IMDB this morning a certain movie title caught my attention as the most ridiculous I’ve ever seen:

The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia

Guys, are we serious here?

This is a real movie. That poster is an actual movie poster. It has an IMDB page and a Wikipedia page.

The poster also claims, “Based on a True Story” which always makes me laugh. So the ghosts from Connecticut came back from the first movie? The ghosts moved to Georgia? The ghosts Skyped their ghost buddies in Georgia to haunt some other family? Seriously, America, what the hell is happening here?

How do movies with a 17% positive Rotten Tomatoes score get sequels? Because America keeps watching horror movies that suck.

On the Friday evening this comes out, America, please don’t see this. Don’t support ridiculous movies like this in the theater. Wait until it inevitably becomes available on Netflix. Go play laser tag or write a sonnet. Just anything besides THIS.


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One thought on “The most ridiculous movie title ever?

  1. I definitely NEED to see this movie. I’m going to illegaly download it and watch it so they don’t get any of my money, but still…

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