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YouTube has become one of America’s favorite pastimes and Poor Scholars is here to give you a YouTube All-Star worthy of your subscription. This week, Poor Scholars’ Troy Phillips gives you his selection.

This week I’m covering Smosh, one of the founding fathers of YouTube sketch comedy. Psych, that’s the wrong YouTuber!

Based on that poorly placed intro line, some readers may already recognize that this week’s article goes to MrDeshawnRaw. Deshawn hails from Rancho Cucamonga and has produced over 80 videos on his main channel alone since March 2011 with some good recurring skits and a seemingly endless supply of friends to feature in videos.

Deshawn started out with a few intro videos and some standalone skits that quickly got him online buzz, and produced the channel’s first original song less than two months later, entitled Gas Money. (For the record, the remix is much catchier) The song still stands as the only original song upload, and is Raw’s earliest video that has eclipsed one million views.

The foundation for Deshawn’s success hit the internet a few weeks later when the first installment of The Rap Battle made its’ debut. The rap parody has countless classic “lyrics” that I can only hope to successfully deliver to friends for years to come. The delivery by character Supa Hot Fire is priceless, as is the total insanity that ensues every time he drops a few bars. The series evolved over the next year and a half, incorporating new rappers like Mute Spittah (Read his lips!) and Tremendous Repeat (Played by Chris Rock), coming to a premature end after five episodes when Supa Hot was finally beaten by Soulja Boy.

Of all the characters to topple one of my most recent heroes, I can think of few less deserving than one of the least creative rappers in the game, and I think a small part of me will always feel cheated that the series never got the time and effort that it deserved. Deshawn may not want to be typecast as the parody rap legend, but most of the other sketches that he has written come across as contrived and unoriginal. Of course, writing and acting in your own weekly skits and using a cast of mostly sub-par actors isn’t an easy recipe for success, which is all the more reason why Raw needs to stick closer to his foundation going forward.

A place where Deshawn has done better than most of his counterparts is in merchandising and attempting to create his brand. He often references “Hoopla Gang”, a contingent made up of friends and loyal fans of the channel in an attempt to promote camaraderie between actors and viewers. A variety of other famous Youtubers like TimothyDeLaGhetto and Spoken Reasons have been featured in videos to grow the fan base, including DeLaGhetto’s feature in the tremendously underrated Rap Battle Part 3 in a two-on-two battle. (If you can’t get enough of the parody rap scene, check out Tim’s own miniseries) The constant attempts to involve the fan base also include a small line of Hoopla Gang gear, and no matter the amount of sales, the variety of methods used to keep a captive audience don’t go unnoticed.

DeshawnRaw may not be churning out comedic gold on a weekly basis, but the Supa Hot series is enough to keep me and over 400,000 others subscribed, and he hits on his standalone skits enough to keep me coming back. In a musical era where rap rules and lyrical content often takes a backseat, its refreshing to see that there are people out there willing to capitalize on the lack of creativity in hilarious fashion. Now get out there and start memorizing some lines; all girls know that anyone who can quote Supa Hot has some serious game.

Other Highlights

Moving Like Bernie Part 3 – Not Deshawn’s original creation, but he does a good job showing off his moves in public along with Blazian Productions.

First – Next time you decide to breath, think about where you got the idea.

Most Recent Uploads

Only Ones – Flawless delivery by TimothyDeLaGhetto at 0:42, one of the best casts that Deshawn has put together for a skit.

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