Rick Ross: Real or Fake shooting?

Rick Ross Photo Credit: hiphopdx.com

Rick Ross
Photo Credit: hiphopdx.com


It was reported Monday that Rick Ross was shot at and crashed his Rolls Royce in downtown Fort Lauderdale early that morning.

There’s nothing that makes a rapper more street certified than surviving a shooting. Rick Ross, a former prison guard, and a guy that has proven that he can rap tough, has been legitimately called out countless times for not really having lived the life, or so to speak.

Naturally, 50 Cent, who no longer does anything of notoriety, is inserting himself in the story with tweets expressing doubt over the authenticity of the shooting.

50 was shot nine times, made a loosely based movie about it and his subsequent rise to the top of the rap game. But now we see him when he’s fighting with Floyd Mayweather on a local radio show and his current Twitter wallpaper is an ad for his new workout video. Bottom line: He’s looking for headlines and hits to his Twitter page.

Ross recently cancelled some shows in North Carolina after some members of the Gangster Disciples took to the internet to inform him he owed them some money for using the Star of David — one of the gang’s signs — and using the name of one of their leaders — Larry Hoover — in a song. Of course Ross said the cancellations had to do with the promoter and had nothing to do with the threat of violence.

The Gangster Disciples apparently think they are due “royalties,” and Ross thinks it’s extortion.

If you’re Ross, don’t you think of this before making a song? Yeah, this is getting him headlines, but it’s also GETTING HIM SHOT AT.

(Really can’t stress that last part enough.)

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