Under the Radar: ‘Year of the Bull’


Language in video is awesome, but NSFW. And a high school football coach is wearing welding gloves so he can hit the kids and not hurt his hands.

As a native South Floridian, I have been well-aware of Year of the Bull for some time now. But I am still mind blown by the percentage of people who have not see or ever heard of Todd Lubin’s documentary.

The video above is a highlight reel of the best (depending on your definition) clips from the doc.

The film, which was shot in 2002, focuses primarily on Miami Northwestern linebacker Taurean Charles. Charles was one of the top linebackers in the country and one of the best defensive player in talent-rich South Florida.

Lubin documented Charles’ life both on and off the field and shined a light on a Miami Northwestern coaching staff that was successful, but appeared to be totally insane.

The amount of unintentional comedy is simply staggering, especially from the coaching staff. The way they talk to the players is absolutely insane. Look how the video opens. There are like 25 people in a shower and coaches are just hitting them all in their helmets asking, “WHY DA DEFENSE AIN’T WORKIN?”

That’s how you make halftime adjustments, folks.

In another scene, after suffering a serious neck injury, Charles is timid in his first practice back and a coach feels disrespected by it. Charles didn’t react so well to one coach threatening to drop kick him, so, naturally, another coach blindsides him with a push and the two fight it out on the ground.

But the coach that pushed him makes amends soon after and reminds him of a personal policy he has: “Taurean, like I told you a long time ago. Before I let you lose respect for me I will lose my job and I will fight you first.” Totally reasonable.

Then a Cedric The Entertainer soundalike chimes in with a “Just like a parent…”

I can do this for the entire movie. But watch the above clips and you need to check this movie out.

What do you think?

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