YouTuber of the Week: VitalyzdTv


YouTube has become one of America’s favorite pastimes and Poor Scholars is here to give you a YouTube All-Star worthy of your subscription. This week, Poor Scholars’ Troy Phillips gives you his selection. 

I’d like to think that I’ve grown up alongside YouTube as it has blossomed from a place for three college friends (See the first YouTube video ever here) to upload home videos to a large component of the Google empire that houses over 800 million unique users per month. YouTube has most likely outgrown even the most optimistic projections of its’ original creators, with over 1 million registered partners, or people that the site pays in return for ads placed on their videos.

YouTube has truly created it’s own form of entertainment media where some of the most successful “YouTubers” upload original content as a primary source of income. I’ve seen multiple websites that estimate Annoying Orange is making somewhere in the ballpark of $290,000 a year.

Yeah, that Annoying Orange. (Editor’s Note: $290,ooo a year for THAT!? Oh. My. God.)

At a certain point, the line is crossed between making videos for fun and trying to earn a legitimate living. I want to discuss one of these YouTube stars each week and how they’ve managed to earn cash with their creative use of the camera. Each week, I’m going to highlight a YouTube star to whom I’ve given my subscription based on their ability to make me laugh, think, or otherwise crave more of their content.

The inaugural segment goes to Russian comedian VitalyzdTv, one of the ballsiest YouTubers you’ll ever watch. Vitaly Zdorovetskiy entered the YouTube scene in 2011 with the first installment of his Disturbing the Peace series, which attempts to keep the Borat legend alive by putting strangers on the spot with random questions and trying to elicit funny reactions.

I wasn’t blown away by the initial few Disturbing the Peace installments, but Zdorovetskiy takes a step up the comedy ladder when he moves on to more organized prankery in the hilariously candid Russian Hitman. Although the quality sucks and the laughs are sporadic, Zdorovetskiy’s knack for improv while profiling “suspects” is undeniable.

However, his most successful upload came from a prank that didn’t require words at all when he capitalized on the Miami Cannibal incident in Miami Zombie Attack Prank!. The entire three minutes and six seconds are devoted to Zdorovetskiy chasing and growling at unsuspecting citizens in Miami while donning makeup and blood stains that make him look every bit the part of a modern zombie. The Zombie Prank video also landed Zdorovetskiy an interview via Skype on Tosh.0; a rare interview which Tosh seemed to genuinely enjoy. As long as VitalzdTv can continue to churn out outrageous and original content like he has in this past year, he’s got my sub.

Other Highlights:
End of The World Prank – Filmed on December 20th, 2012. Why does every single person think that their best chance for survival is hopping into a stranger’s van?

Grinch Who Stole Christmas Prank – Guy at 2:12, drunk, stupid or both?

Most Recent Upload:
Do You Even Lift? –  Perhaps the best proof that the man is truly fearless.

What do you think?

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